At Eaglet Photography, we want to encourage every client to exceed expectations. We create an environment where they can do such that! These photos are something they can look back on for their high school years, and see the brightness in them. We want to inspire them to soar; from building self confidence to being able to even use a few photos on resumes.


Most clients invest between $200 and $400 for their session, with option to buy prints directly through us. Ladies can have their make up done by our own make up artist, Alex Wheeley. Next, guys and gals both can look through our mobile style closet, complete with the best accessories; from bow ties and hats to necklaces and jackets. After that you will have your chosen time of on-location shooting. If you choose our Nest or Eaglet package, our make up artist will always be on hand to make sure everything stays just perfect. Once the session is done, you'll be receiving your online gallery that you can share with friends and download straight to any computer!


Nest Session, $250:

  • 1 Hour Session (Plus 30 minutes for Makeup)
  • 20 Digital Images 
  • One Location 
  • Two Outfits 
  • Make Up Artist 

Eaglet Session, $350:

  • 2 Hour Session 
  • Unlimited Images 
  • Two Locations 
  • Unlimited Outfits 
  • Pre - Consultation (To discuss outfits, locations, expectations, and daydreaming!)
  • Exclusive Thank You Packet from our Team 

Feather Session, $100:

  • 30 Minute Session

  • 5 digital Images

  • One Location

  • One Outfit

Fly Session, $200: 

  • 1 Hour Session 
  • 20 Digital Images 
  • One Location
  • Two Outfits