Prom Makeup Fails + How to Prevent it!

Story Time! 
Three years ago, I attended my very first prom. It really seems like it was much longer than that, but that's besides the point. 
As mentioned in previous posts, I'm not a glitter/glitzy person. When it was time to find a dress, I got so fed up that my mom and I ended up just making one. Geez I was such a homeschooler! 
The day of prom comes, and it's time to get my makeup done (cue dramatic & scary music). At that time, I don't think I owned any makeup besides a tube of mascara, so I roll into Ulta, and oh my-lanta it was crazy. I have never been more overwhelmed in my life! There was SO much makeup. Everywhere. Like you turn around and it felt like you were in eyeshadow inception. It just kept going and going!! I sit down in the chair in front of the makeup artist as small little fresh-faced Alex, and when it was time to get out of the chair, I'm pretty sure I aged 8 years, went and tanned for 15 hours, and had about 2 gallons of glitter on my face. 

I wish I was exaggerating. Don't worry, here's pictures to prove it.

Oh yes, check out all that shine. 

Oh yes, check out all that shine. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Durand still is my boyfriend, even after all of this? #4YearsStrong

Can we take a moment to appreciate that Durand still is my boyfriend, even after all of this? #4YearsStrong

Sadly, I did not meet my dear friend Katy until prom was over for me, but I got to chat with her about the best tips for prom makeup! Check out her amazing tips!

So first things first, after hearing your own personal story about how horrified you were, let's make it very clear to always make sure you are going to feel like yourself in your make up! The whole purpose of make up is to accentuate the amazing qualities that you have, not to make you feel like someone you're not! For me, I love bold lips! It's my statement. However, bold lips aren't for everyone. So when I'm applying make up to a client I always ask how comfortable they would be with certain things. Make sure if you have a consultation with a profession that you express your desires with them. They will be more than willing to adjust your style to what you feel comfortable with! 
Many women like to do their own make up for prom and I think that's awesome! Here are some pointers for those girls:

  • Choose colors that compliment your complexion and eye color.

Often, people try to get really matchy matchy with their dress and eye shadow. For subtle shades this is great! However, this can also be a disaster. Light blue, lime green, hot pink... These are all colors that can be some of the most beautiful dresses but they can also make for a horrible eye shadow job. Find colors that compliment you instead of your dress. A natural smokey look can accommodate any dress! And if your more into neutral shades, try a soft nude lip gloss and take it with you so you can reapply throughout the night! 

  • Want to stand out? Try a pop of color on your lips!

Keep your eye shadow more neutral so that it draws more attention to your lips. Think of Marilyn Monroe! Those beautiful red lips but her eyes don't have a ton of color! Just really pretty lashes and liner! Another way to jazz up your up look is to apply fake lashes! I know this sounds terrifying to most but they sale some set in pairs! Try practicing with a pair the week before prom so that you can be an expert! I truly think no formal look is completely without a set of lashes. You can choose how dramatic you want your eye lashes to be. My favorite lashes are found at Ulta. They have several different brands to choose from! 

  • Most importantly just remember to do what makes you feel beautiful.

Every girl deserves to feel like the belle of the ball. For some of us that may include a bold lips stick and long full lashes and for others it may soft eyes and a nude lip! Whatever the case may be do what you feel comfortable with, take lots of pictures and enjoy your night!

Katy Osbourne

Wasn't I right?! Katy is a genius! Basically this is everything I need to know in high school, all right here. Want to know more about Katy? Check out all of her info below!

You can find Katy in person as a hair stylist at Urban Chic Studio in Burlington, NC. She also has been doing on-site Bridal hair and make up for weddings, and recently dipped her feet into doing some hair and make up editorial work for some photo shoots!

"Being in this industry is about so much more than just making someone look beautiful, it’s about making them believe they are beautiful. I strive to make this my goal with my clients every day!"
- Katy

Instagram: @AllAboutThatHair.NC


Fun Fact:
"I'm the proud mom to three cats, a rabbit and six chickens!" - Katy