October Recap.

At the end of every month, I am going to start doing a monthly recap blog post! It will serve as a generalized post about what all sessions I had, new events that happened, or just general great things that happened. Read below to hear all about it! 

2017 Soar Team.

On the blog I shared all of my favorite images from the 2017 Soar Team session and released this AHH-MAZING video from Amber Wyatt! Read the blog here. 

Snapchat Talk. 

"Video is a scary thing, you’re putting your whole self out there, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! Your clients just feel like they are having a regular conversation with you, and if anything else, it makes it easier at a session for them to be comfortable with you."
Shannon DePalma and I chatted via Facebook messenger (hey, interviews don't have to be formal!), and after a great conversation about Snapchat marketing, we both decided it would be a neat blog post! You can read it all here.


Mikayla, Teen Session. 

So even though I specialize in high school and college senior portraits, I've found out that teen photo sessions are insanely fun as well! I got the chance to take over Grace Belle's Snapchat for the day and teamed up to photograph some fun photos of Mikayla for her blog! Take a look at her images here.

Guest Blog Post, The 9-5.

Something that I don't share too often is that I work a full time job currently. I don't mind it at all, there's so many people I get to meet through my job and being a marketing manager is a pretty neat title! Even with all the perks, there's always hardships. I got to write about it all over at Collectively Caitlin, and you can read that here!


Workshop Announcement! 

I'm super ecstatic to announce that I will be a guest speaker at Darling Today's Winter Workshop! 
If you have ever been interested in photographing weddings or would like like to have more knowledge in different styles, I would highly recommend this workshop. Plus, this mood board is #WeddingGoals sooo you can't beat that! Click here to sign up.