Snapchat + Your Business = Awesome.

A few months ago I got to have a great conversation with fellow entrepreneur, Shannon DePalma.  We chatted all about how Snapchat can be a killer marketing platform for really any business, and eventually we realized how awesome of a blog post it would be, so she interviewed me! Check it all out below! 

Shannon: Hi Alex! thanks for answering my question and guiding me into why snapchat works for photographers. I know it does, but I'd love to know WHY or how you're using it?

Alex: So I use it to really connect with clients, thats the main goal for me! I specialize in high school and college seniors, so my whole market is on there. In a typical day, I wake up and talk about what I'm going to do, start counting how many cups of coffee I consume, give sneak peeks, show my daily struggles and fail moments (they all happen to us!), and give another overview of what I'm doing! If I have a session, then I snapchat the entire thing, from 1st outfit to the location and any silly things in between. I actually save all of the snaps from sessions, and I'll send them all together to my client later!

Shannon: That’s amazing, I love, a behind the scenes, sneak peek into a photographer’s life. Do you think the clients react to the background videos of seeing the background of a shoot?

Alex: They love it most of the time. I shoot at fairly unique locations, especially for my town, so showing the location actually makes my target market want to book me over others because it's different than the normal stuff!

Shannon: Were you ever scared doing the first couple videos? What if I look stupid or mess up?

Alex - Real talk for a minute - I cannot stand my voice nor how my face looks when I talk! I actually have a speech impediment where I stutter, slur letters, and just overall mess sentences up. But, I’m going to have to talk to my clients eventually so I can’t let it bother me. My mouth is shaped a bit different as well so I think it always looks a bit funny, but it’s not something I can change!

Video is a scary thing, you’re putting your whole self out there, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! Your clients just feel like they are having a regular conversation with you, and if anything else, it makes it easier at a session for them to be comfortable with you.

Shannon: Yeah I could totally see that! Anything else you think really draws clients in using snapchat?

Alex: I really don't have a particular thing that I do besides be super goofy (but that's basically my whole personality haha), but with saying that, i think something that my clients really like is throwbacks to random moments! So if something funny happened at a session, but I never got a chance to share it, i'll show a picture of that client, then turn the camera to me and say something funny about it! I also tell a lot of random puns, jokes, and overall things like that haha

Me: Hahah I love that, authenticity is what sells! Bull*** does not. Do you feel like this is your biggest way you get potential clients or is there another social media channel you use that gets you more clients?

Alex: Snapchat is my number one social media outlet, even trumps instagram! Since I'm so personal on there, if someone’s try to book me, I almost never lose that sell because they know exactly what to expect from me, as compared to Facebook and instagram where they may not see it all

Me: Any advice for people looking to get more clients through Snapchat? OR what they should post for their first few snapchat videos?

Alex: Just keep on sharing. Add the people in your contacts, there’s a good chance there’s at least one client in there, and make sure to let your other followers know! Share it on Facebook, your blog, instagram, basically anywhere you can. Two things that have gotten a lot of followers for me is adding something like “Follow me on Snapchat @eagletphoto” in my instagram bio, and also if I share a behind the scenes picture that I posted on Snapchat, too, I say “Pic: Snapchat @eagletphoto (And see more fun like it over there!)”. Booking clients on snapchat may take some time, be warned. BUT, they are already so connected with you on there, they know exactly what to expect from you!