Summer, Soar 11.

Have I told you all about our Soar 11 program yet? If you don't know about it, keep on reading! 
I believe that every person has a talent and they have something they love. Basically, that's what the whole drive of the program is about! No, it's not even for seniors. It's a high school junior ONLY program! With that being said, think of it more as a club or membership than a program. At any point during your junior year, you're welcome to join. We have a exclusive newsletter just for you, you'll be the first to know about anything going on (including have first access to apply for our senior model program!), and best of all, you will have a session that focuses on YOUR talents and aspirations! Check out the page to find out all the info ( 
Without further ado, meet Summer. She is in our Soar 11 program, and loves all things vintage. What's better than a vintage shopping theme?! Thanks to Wayne's Attic, Company Shops, and the Treasure House for letting us use your locations!