As a photographer, rain is overall our biggest enemy. When a session is only 30 minutes away and it takes 30 minutes to drive to the session, then you get there and realize it's already raining, all you can do is find shelter because "The show must go on!" Katherine had wanted to have her Soar 11 session in Saxapahaw because 1. She goes to school there and 2. It's just a neat place!
As you may know, our Soar 11 program is consisted of high school juniors who want to showcase their talents, abilities, and overall awesomeness as they become a upperclassman. Katherine is no exception! Not only is she a fabulous guitar player and music lover, she heading to Croatia for ALL of her junior year! I mean really, how many of us want to go back to high school and be able to do that?! 
Katherine, thank you so much for letting us capture some photos of you before you leave, safe travels!