Beauty Revived.

I just want to go ahead and throw this out there. My goal for this post is to write it and not get too emotional! Beauty Revived is a organization near and dear to my heart. The purpose of Beauty Revived isn't just to show them how pretty they are on the outside, but to show that they are loved, worthy, and effortlessly beautiful, inside and out. Last year, we were able to donate not just one, but two sessions through Beauty Revived. This year, we want it be be better than ever! Read below for all the details...
Class of 2016 seniors! I will be doing two FREE senior sessions for a girl and one guy this year for a Beauty Revived campaign. Here are some details straight from the BR website:
What? From all of the submissions, 50 girls and 25 guys will be chosen to be in the upcoming February issue of Beauty Revived magazine. The other submissions may be chosen to be featured on the blog. The chosen 50 and 25 for the magazines will be announced January 15.
How? The 50 and 25 sessions for the magazine will be chosen based on quality of the pictures and story of the entry. We are looking for stories of seniors who are changing the world for good. If they have faced challenges, we want to know how they have used those challenges to help and lift others.
How? To find your senior, you may have an open nomination or you may choose someone that you know. There can be NO voting. This is not a popularity contest.
Magazines: We will be releasing TWO magazines. A 50 Most Beautiful Senior Girl magazine and a 25 Most Amazing Senior Guy magazine.
Scholarships: The 50 girls and the 25 guys chosen for the magazine may apply for a scholarship. Two $3,500 scholarships will be awarded to two girls. One $3,500 scholarship will be given to one boy. The Beauty Revived board will be choosing the winners based on academics, community service and over-all real beauty. (The link to the scholarship application will be released at a later date.)
I will be taking EMAIL ENTRIES ONLY this year, so if you (anyone!) would like to NOMINATE a Class of 2016 senior who you think exhibits outstanding qualities or has done so while overcoming adversity, please send their story to me at with the subject line "BEAUTY REVIVED SENIOR". The winner's story will NOT be confidential, so if there are parts of their story that you don't think they would like to share, please bear that in mind when submitting. I will be choosing a winner based on what my heart and my prayers tell me to do! Last year, I got so many amazing submissions, and I have no doubt that this year will be the same. I can't wait to hear the stories!!…/